Actuators, Linear Actuators, Compact Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, Actuators for Dampers, Rotary Actuators for Sluice Valves, Valves Actuators, Motorized Valves, Motorized Clamps Actuator On Butterfly Valve, Actuator On Globe Valve, Actuator With Integral Starter, Actuator With Spur Gear Box, Actuator With Worm Gear Box, Actuator On Sluice Valve, Flame Proof Actuator, Damper Actuator, QT Actuators ( Quarter Turn Actuators ), Electric Thrusters, Electronic Valve Positioners, Panel Mounted Electronic Positioner, Motorized Butterfly Valve, Motorized Sluice Valve, Fabricated Actuator Valve, Globe Valve, Dampers, Single Flap Butterfly Dampers, Multi Louvers Dampers, Spur Gear Box ( Multi Turn ) For Slice And Gate Valves, Spur Gear Box ( Quarter Turn ) For Butterfly, Ball & Plug Valves, Worm Gear Box
Electrical Actuators
  Corporate Office & Works :
98A / 25A, Hadapsar Industrial Estate,
Pune - 411 013, Maharashtra, INDIA

Tel.: +91 - 20 - 26875424, 26879475,
                       26877185, 65267931
Fax : +91 - 20 - 26879475

Contact Persons:
Mr. C. V. Mashalkar : +91 - 98224 39464
Mr. S. M. Kulkarni : +91 - 98817 21316
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