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Multiturn Gear Box: Spur Gear Boxes
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Full rotary application suitable for rising and non-rising sluice and gate valves.

Sr. No. Model Red. Ratio Max Output
torque kgm.
Max valve spindle
accaptable - mm
1 SG02 2.5 : 1 40 52
2 SG404 4 : 1 65 55
3 SG406 6 : 1 100 60
4 SG408 8 : 1 130 80
5 SG412 12 : 1 200 90
6 SG4212 12 : 1 400 100


The "MARSH" make SG series gear operators are spur gear type reduction units, designed either for hand-operation or electric multiturn actuators.
The unit is suitable to operate valves with rising or non rising stems, such as gate, sluice & other rotary valves.
The units are efficient, reliable, rugged & simple in construction. The housing is totally enclosed. All the components are precisely machined from carefully selected materials. The units are grease lubricated to minimize friction.
The units are available in the following versions of the coupling as per DIN 3210.
Type A: A thrust support unit with threaded bronze bush for the rising valve stem.
Type C: A coupling unit with claw for rising / non-rising valve stems.
Type E: With a bored drive sleeve with keyway for non-rising valve - stems.
Note: For rising stem-valve operators, a protection tube can be supplied if the valve-spindle-rise is known.
SPUR GEAR BOXES: Constructional Details
Sr. No. Qty Description Material
1 1 Main Housing, Top C.I.GR.220 (I.S.)
2 1 Main Housing, Bottom C.I.GR.220 (I.S.)
3 1 Connecting Flange C.I.GR.220 (I.S.)
4 1 Input Gear Shaft EN8
5 1 Output Gear EN8/CAST ST.
6 1 Idler Gear EN8
7 2 Ball Bearing STD.
8 2 Bush BRONZE/GM.


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